Chi Onwurah awarded a Golden Eagle by the charity Good Thinking

The charity Good Thinking aims to encourage curiosity and promote rational thinking and this year decided to reward those politicians who have stood up for science and rationalism in Parliament.

 Three politicians have been chosen as worthy winners of the Golden Eagle Award including
Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central.

The prize will be £500 for each MP to donate to a science-friendly charity of their choice.

 Chi said:

“ It’s a real pleasure as well as an honour to receive this award for standing up for  

  science  in politics. I believe politics and science are the twin engines of human

 progress so they really shouldn’t be such strangers to each other!  


 “ Some of the greatest challenges we face – climate change, healthy ageing, how to

    feed a growing population – have science at their heart and if we are to make the

    right decisions for the long term we need well informed politicians and politically

    savvy scientists. I hope this award encourages both.


“  I have chosen Practical Action as the science friendly charity to receive the award

   to support the work they do around the world to reduce poverty through technology.



Notes to editors

1)  Good Thinking is a Registered Charity No.1147404

          Our goal is “to encourage curiosity and promote rational thinking”, hence the positive title of

            the organisation. At the same time, this inevitably means battling against irrationality and



2)    Practical Action works alongside communities to find practical solutions to the poverty they face.


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