Labour announces Digital Government review – Digital Britain 2015

Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, Chi Onwurah MP, will announce today the launch of a Digital Government review  – Digital Britain 2015 – specifically looking at how digital technology can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of government.   

The review, which will culminate with a published update of relevant parts of Labour’s 2009 Digital Britain report, will be led by Chi Onwurah MP and Michael Dugher MP, the Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office.  The review will work across shadow departmental teams and will also bring together outside experts to develop a long-term digital/IT strategy.


Speaking at the Digital Leaders Annual Conference today (Wednesday), Chi Onwurah MP, will say:

“The Government has no vision for digital Britain – the report that Labour delivered in the last year of our Government, Digital Britain, has yet to be superseded.  Four years on the opportunities are different and we are not even beginning to reap the positive benefits of the way in which technology can change our public services.

“Used properly, with proper concern for privacy, transparency and service design, technology can be a powerful tool and reshape how government and citizens interact with each other.

“We must see digital government as a way of empowering people – service users and public sector employees, citizens and consumers – and enabling cost reduction in the process.

“Rather than addressing these challenges ad hoc and reactively, we need a framework for the relationship between the people and their data, government and digital. 

“Which is why I am pleased to announce today that Labour will be acting where this Government has so comprehensively failed, delivering a new version of our Digital Britain report to be published before the next election.”




Editor’s notes:



  • The report Digital Britain 2015 will be published before the General Election.



  • The review will also be informed by the work being done on ICT and efficiency by Alexis Cleveland as part of Labour’s public sector efficiency work.

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