Summer OpenData competition – anonymised casework data

 OPEN DATA download 2012 -2013 :



One thought on “Summer OpenData competition – anonymised casework data

  1. Matt Williams

    This is an interesting dataset, and not too large – and you’ve already done a lot of the data shaping for us!

    Can I ask if you have any of:
    1. Some comparative data for (at least one) other MP(s)? If not at individual level, then at aggregate level (do we have any measures of MP workloads).
    2. Any (rough) idea how long each case takes – and do they all take the same amount of time, or are (e.g.) Housing cases more complex and health cases?
    3. Any way of telling us how many people/ families were the cause of each case. I am sure it is not evenly distributed, and one person might have issues with housing, health and immigration, for example.

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