Bedroom tax unfairness in Newcastle

2 thoughts on “Bedroom tax unfairness in Newcastle

  1. Debbie Tomkies

    Such a terrible position for one so young and clearly with so much promise. I hope you are at least able to point this person in the direction of some support even if we can’t overturn the hideous bedroom tax.

  2. Jan Shortt

    Thank you for posting this and making everyone aware of this young man’s plight. It is heartbreaking to read his story and as a young person who hasn’t had a decent start in life, trying so hard to make something of himself, it is good that you are there to stand up for him. I thought these were the people the ConDems wanted to help! But then they are all a bunch of millionaires who don’t have a clue what life is like for the working class. Building private homes will not solve the problem of having places for people who want to downsize to live. Being on the property ladder isn’t the be all and end all of life – a place to live that you can afford is all anyone would wish for. The same amount of money should be put into social housing – built for the needs of the population wanting it. Again, thank you for raising awareness of this young man’s situation and I hope it can be resolved. I wish him well.

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