We need debate not destruction of GM experiments

Commenting ahead of a proposed “day of action” by an anti-GM pressure group around the GM wheat trial at Rothamsted, Chi Onwurah MP, Labour’s Shadow Science Minister called on the Government to take the lead and promote a real debate on the issues surrounding GM crops.

“We need to have a well informed debate on the possible benefits of biotechnology both to our economy and global food security, as well as the potential threats to the environment.”

“Human knowledge has never advanced by wanton destruction, and we call on those who object to the trial to make their views known in a peaceful and law-abiding way. The Government needs to show leadership in standing up to vested interests and promoting active debate. It has clearly failed to do either.”

Anti-GM group Take the Flour Back has promised to “decontaminate” the site unless the research is halted. A “day of action” has been promised on the 27th May 2012.

On Monday a man was arrested and charged with criminal damage following a break-in at the Rothamsted Research centre where a trial of GM wheat is being held.

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