Chi backs Big Energy Week to help cut fuel bills

Chi Onwurah MP for Newcastle Central said:

“ Fuel bills are a big worry for many people at the moment. 

“ I am pleased to support the CAB’s Big Energy Week and hope it will make big difference to residents in Newcastle by saving them money on their bills.

“ I am especially worried during this very cold spell that some people are struggling unnecessarily because they’re not on the best deal; live in homes that haemorrhage heat or are not getting all of the financial help available to them.”

Big Energy Week aims to help people save money on their bills via local offices, leaflets and a new website – – full of tips on how to cut energy bills.

Ms Onwurah added:

“  Rising fuel bills are stretching household finances in Newcastle and people are rightly looking for ways to save money on their bills.

“ During this Big Energy Week (16-21 January 2012) can get practical advice on cutting fuel bills and help to see if residents are getting all the financial support they are entitled to.

“ Leaflet with tips and advice on cutting fuel bills can be picked up at  a local Citizens Advice Bureau. 

Big Energy Week aims to help people save money on their bills by encouraging them to:

  • Contact suppliers to check residents are on the best tariff and payment method. 
  •  Visit an accredited switching website to see if they can get energy cheaper elsewhere.
  • Insulate the walls and the loft of homes and could save people on average around £120 per year.  All major gas and electricity suppliers are giving away free or discounted insulation to any household, not just their own customers.
  • Check that they are not missing out on any benefits or tax credits the local Citizens Advice Bureaux can help with this.
  • Using less energy could save money, just by doing simple things like turning off lights and switching appliances off at the wall. Turning a thermostat down 1°C alone could cut a heating bill by £60 on average.
  • Anyone is unable to pay bills they should contact the energy supplier immediately as they have to help residents manage bills in a way that they can afford.


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