Chi urges constituents to apply for the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements scheme

In recent years, numerous studies have shown that Parliament is unrepresentative that the creation of a host of unpaid internship positions are making politics only accessible to the wealthy or those based in London.

The Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements scheme that has been launched this week is a cross-party project which aims to address these issues by offering 12 people the opportunity and support to complete a paid internship in Parliament.

The scheme hopes to attract people from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds, in a bid to make Parliament more inclusive and open.

Chi said:

“I am pleased to see the launch of the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements scheme. It is a programme that will open up internships in Parliament to people from ordinary backgrounds, and I hope that people in Newcastle who are passionate about politics will consider applying.”

Applications can be made on the Social Mobility Foundation’s website:

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