Geordie Shore – MTV response to Chi

2 thoughts on “Geordie Shore – MTV response to Chi

  1. heatonresident

    i live in newcastle & agree with your stance against geordie shore. However, some of the responsibility must lie with the council. One problem is the amount of licenses to serve alcohol they are dishing out, more and more. I live in a residential area and the council allowed a restaurant to open on residential terrace, they are now allowing the sale of alcohol there. it seems the council want to appear to promote family values and residents, but do not back this up in their actions. This is why there are problems.

  2. Paul

    I live in Newcastle and find the program hilarious, I dont agree with your stance at all. In fact, I find that you claiming that your “the voice” of Geordies in this quite distasteful, you never asked us what we thought and are in fact representing your own views as pertaining your own morals. Morals are not universal, and indeed the culture of this city is probably a lot closer to the young ones your complaining about than your own ideas of what we should be.

    Everyone knows that those that go on a reality show will be made to look like idiots, the shows are nothing new, indeed this is basically a rehash of the american show Jersey Shore.

    If these lads n lasses have decided to entertain us by being made fools of, then let them.

    They certainly arent being “taken advantage of”; they are doing what they would probably be doing anyway. Geordies are by no means angels, however someone else is picking up the Bill… I’d say MTV is being taken advantage of, if anyone… however the ratings will make that decision.

    I know your a politician, but please TRY to be useful (unlike the vast majority of you) instead of butting in where politicians dont belong.

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