Building a new, green, industrial base

We are on the brink of a new industrial revolution.  Let me first declare an interest.  Two interests in fact.

Newcastle was at the leading edge of the first, carbon based industrial revolution and so naturally has a great interest in a industrial resurgence.

Secondly, as an engineer myself, I do wish to see a resurgence of manufacturing and industry.

But I do not think it is my interests which mislead me. There are five global challenges which require new industrial responses:

  • Population and economic growth across the world is stoking demand
  • The Global Financial Crisis makes it so important we grow other sectors
  • Climate change is making many of our ways of building and manufacturing things inefficient;
  • In the western world populations are aging, this is a good thing.  It is good people are living longer. But it changes the demand for goods – more automotive goods for example
  • Globalisation means global markets and global industries.

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